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Next weekend we are heading to Tampere for Tracon 7 ♥
I´m very excited since we did have a blast at the Tracon 6 and our situation is about the same as it was back then.
By talking about our situation I mean our motive of going to con. Usually we make a new costumes for almost every con but now our goal is not to take a part in some competition but to just simply hang around and have fun. And by the experince I could say that the best way for that is definitely not wearing some trickyribbonmessywigtootinyshoes- thing : D

But don´t you worry, dear followers!
This little break of our cosplaying is just for our need to rest and (hah you wish) for studying. We will make some new outfits soon, for DesuconFrostbite ♥

Aaand yeah, I lied : D
I (J) am actually (Dolan) erm... :I lol so tired.
I´m cosplaying at Tracon! It´s just some oldeasypiece from my closet: Kuro (Black) from Tekkonkinkreet - Black and white : )
Aaand princess V is her own lovely self ♥ ♥ ♥

So, come to say hi : ) ♥
+ Olen/olemme mahdollisesti tulossa kääntymään Suomen Cosplay-harrastajien miitissä, että sieltä sitten bongaatte ja vise versa, onko joku muukin menossa sinne?

-J ♥
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Lately we have been getting so much faves that we don't really have time to answer everyone personally :( So I will say it here: thank you so much for faves! ♥♥ We love you all. It means a lot to us that someone really likes our cosplay pics! (:

J is currently visiting her relatives and she won't be back until sunday. So that's why I'm the only one here answering your comments and stuff :D

And heyy, you can also find us from Worldcosplay:
and J:

And here is our blog, if you understand Finnish: Blog's name is "Pukuleikkejä" which means Costume plays in Finnish. :D If you don't undestand Finnish, you can still take a look, there are more pics of our cosplays and WIPs too. (:

-V ♥